Do you have a current photo of yourself that you are PROUD and EXCITED to share with others?

If your answer is NO

You are invited to take advantage of Roxanne Morganti Photography's EXCEPTIONAL photography skills

with her free introductory photo shoot!

Roxanne will be at:  Simply The Best Singles' dance event scheduled for JULY 21, 2012 at the Del Mar Marriott.

Read below for additional info and tips on getting the most value from this session.


Photo Tips

  • Plan to be photographed shortly after you arrive. You will feel and look fresher!!!
  • Watch the line... we recommend no more than 6 in line to avoid excess wait times.
  • So you're nervous. We understand, just about everyone we ever photograph is nervous! It's our JOB to put you at ease and if that doesn't work, we'll send you off to have a drink. LOL - just kidding! It is much easier for us to work with people who are not drunk!
  • Please allow yourself 20 minutes to view your images before you decide if you like them or not. Most people don't like their photo the first time they see it. Why??? BECAUSE they are used to looking in the mirror at their "likeness" which is opposite of what everyone else sees and the opposite of the photographic image! This means, when you see your image "backwards" from what you are used to, it seems a little unsettling! That's right! Please allow about 20 minutes to get "used to" your new photo... then decide if you like it. You could also ask a friend for their honest opinion!
  • Retouching is NOT included in the free session. Retouching is like "icing on the cake". It is what makes a picture a "Portrait". We will post two galleries a few days after the dance: Retouched and Unretouched.  The Retouched gallery will have higher pricing due to the fact that more time was spent on each image. It's your choice - it's your money - it's your image!
  • We offer special reduced prices at event photo shoots. Now's a great time to get a great deal!


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