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Deep inside me, I'm still that little girl in elementary school who received O's (for outstanding) on her report card for "takes pride in (her) work" and A's in art class. I played sports for years in high school and college; I'm sure that by doing so it has given me a competitive personality with a desire to win, the talents to "see" everything quickly and to anticipate moments. I'm proud to say I use all of those traits during every photo shoot. I challenge myself to shoot for perfection in every session - for you, my client.

Within my first month of learning how to use a 35mm camera (1978), I declared myself as a professional photographer and ordered some business cards. I knew from the get-go my gift of talent was in portrait photography. I always had a natural ability to see when people looked their best. Through years of professional training combined with years of experience and many photography competitions, I have perfected my ability to guide people into figure flattering poses with expressions to match. I also mastered studio lighting, window (or) natural-light lighting and outdoor lighting. Working with me, you don't have to be a model or think that you are photogenic, you don't even have to like having your portrait taken - all you have to do is trust me in order to have photographs created that you will be excited and proud to show-off to your friends, family and business associates.

Once I had mastered portraits and wedding photography, I decided to learn how to photograph pets. I love their personalities and enjoy the challenge of creating award-winning images that capture their uniqueness! I know for many people, pets are people too!
I named my pet division "Ruh-Roh". That's dog-talk for uh-oh and it's what the mischievous and clumsy dogs, Astro on The Jetson's and Scooby-doo, would frequently be heard saying.

My friends, family and clients all TRUST me when it comes to capturing great images of them, for them. On occasion I am asked "what camera do you use"? To me, it's not the camera that makes great images but the skill of the photographer. I have studied with the 'best of the best' of professional photographers and then I added my own special touch to my skill-set and my work has been awarded accordingly. I like working with people who can see the difference in my work - I call them connoisseurs of photography. If you are one of them and you can see the difference in my work, then I look forward to working together with you as a team - for it takes all parties working together to be successful. I will help guide you every step of the way beginning with the first call. Please take a look at my work and then call to get the creativity flowing!

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ABOUT Roxanne:
International award winning professional photographer Roxanne Morganti has been recognized repeatedly by her peers as a top portrait artist. Roxanne has the passion for creativity, the training and experience to help her clients feel comfortable and look phenomenal in front of the camera, and she an exceptional eye for detail. With that combination, Roxanne consistently creates outstanding images that are true works of art.

Now residing in North County San Diego, Roxanne Morganti Photography services clients in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties.
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