Being properly prepared for your photo session will provide an opportunity for the most flattering portraits to be created while having a most enjoyable experience!  Please feel free to contact us with any unanswered questions you may have.

When choosing your outfits bring as much of a variety of clothing as possible!  Bring the outfits with colors that make you feel the best and for which you receive the most compliments.  You can bring more outfits than your session calls for, that way we will have more of an opportunity to get just the right look for your portraits.  We often start with the most traditional outfit and portrait style.  Think variety as you are selecting your clothes - bring clothing in various colors, prints and solids (solids are a must).  What style suits the vision for your images: dressy, casual, sporty, trendy, or sexy? If you don't like the look of your arms, wear long sleeves. Tight, short-sleeved shirts help to show-off arms. Keep in mind - the darker solid-colored outfits are  slimming  , whereas lighter colors and stripes will make you look bigger.


  • Select your outfits several days before your shoot. Cut off any unnecessary tags and strings.
  • Pack accessories ahead of time, such as belts, jewelry, hair clips, sunglasses and shoes.
  • Bring your outfits - ironed and wrinkle free on hangers.  Do NOT bring them in a bag.


Schedule your hair appointment to be 1 day to 2 weeks before your photo session. Even when you hire a MUA/hair stylist for the shoot, you will want to have your hair looking at its best - no grays, split-ends, hanging in your eyes, dark roots, etc.



Be prepared to have your hands and even your feet photographed: have a mani and a pedi a day or so before your session. This goes for men, women and children too!


Recommendations for young children - because children have a short attention span it is best not to tell them that "today is picture day!" If you say that, what often happens is that they get all excited and basically use up all their smiles and interest in this "pre-play" event. By the time you make it to the studio or location, they don't have any interest in playing that activity anymore. We find that if you simply say "let's go out today" and leave it a surprise until the photographer (that's us) gives directions for the expressions, you'll be much happier with the results. We also recommend to bring a bag (prepacked) full of favorite toys, snacks, extra clothing, hand and face wipes, tissues, and any special items that were given to your child from family members, to have handy as the need arises. When you arrive to your session, please allow us to "direct" your children - this is our job which we have many years training and experience performing. We understand kids, we have a lot of patience and we know what parents are generally most happy with.


Recommendations for teens and high school seniors who don't want to be photographed - we understand. Don't put unnecessary pressure on them, just be thankful for their participation on any level. We'll address their concerns and see if we can come up with a compromise to make everyone relatively happy. If possible, bring extra clothes and let us help decide what works best.



Recommendations for families - first decide where you might display this portrait in your home, then choose the colors for your outfits which will compliment the room best. Formal attire is a good clothing choice for a portrait which will be displayed in a formal dining or great room. More casual attire, such as jeans, is an appropriate choice for a portrait hung in a family or living room.






Recommendations for boudoir, fashion and fitness - spray tans are not recommended unless they are top quality because the color collects on elbows, hands, heels, etc., and can ruin our sets. In general, do not over tan. A light tan is better than sunburn, redness or peeling. Tan in small amounts over several days... or not at all. If you want to be tan, we can enhance your skin tones with our lighting and during our post-processing, just let us know your preference before the shoot. Lotions are not necessary as they too can damage our sets. We retouch all skin surfaces as necessary. A smooth shave is required - for men and women - except for the men who want the rugged look. For boudoir shoots, we strongly suggest wearing (bringing) pantyhose which helps to make legs look toned. The only kind we recommend is No Nonsense Sheer from Waist to Toes in the shade that best matches your belly or arms.





Ruh-Roh Pet Photography


Recommendations for pets - please bring a leash, a pet carrier or a friend to assist. Schedule a grooming appointment on a day or two prior to your appointment. Remember to bring your pet's favorite toys and treats.







Recommendations for weddings and events - please contact us at your convenience a week prior to your wedding to discuss the final details of your event. Please provide us with a "shoot list" of friends, family and groupings you would like to have, include names and relationships as necessary to help us assemble the various groupings.